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Are Out-Of-Body Experiences legit?

To this day, there have been many accounts of people who said they died, went to heaven, and then came back to life to tell the tale. I'm thinking of accounts such as "Heaven is for Real", "90 Minutes in Heaven", and "Miracles from Heaven", all books that were turned into movies that supposedly tell a true story of such an experience.  Back when I was a "non denominational" Christian, I used to believe these stories willy nilly, without a second thought. I thought it sounded amazing and I really wanted that assurance of knowing there is something more beyond the earth we live on. It gave me comfort. But these days, now that I'm a Lutheran and have left the false doctrines of modern day Christianity behind, I've become skeptical. You might say, "How could you say that, Ethan? Why would these people lie about this and make it up?". Here's what I want to know. Are these experiences biblical? And since we have a sin natur

Cars 3: A surprisingly solid film!

Ah, Pixar. One of the greatest animation studios to ever exist on this earth. Throughout their career, they have had a track record of masterpiece after masterpiece. But then they hit a downhill slump ever since Cars 2. Cars 2 was where they really rolled down to the bottom of the hill. Next came Brave, which was so so. It was better than Cars 2, but it was far from being their best work. The story wasn't what I expected it to be. It felt too much like Pixar's version of Brother Bear. After that came Monsters University, a prequel to Monsters Inc. Monsters University was pretty good, but not a masterpiece. It was still better than Cars 2 as far as Pixar sequels go. Then in 2014, there were no Pixar films. Similar to how we didn't get a Pixar film in 2005. Then finally in 2015, Pixar released Inside Out, which turned out to be a modern masterpiece. And they really redeemed themselves with that one. Then later on in the same year, they released The Good Dinosaur. The Good Din

Godly Dragon Quickies: Captain Underpants and Wonder Woman

So I went to see a couple of movies recently. And since I am behind schedule, I am just going to review both movies really quickly. I saw two superhero movies that came out the same weekend as each other. The first movie I went to see was Captain Underpants. When I was in grade school I loved Captain Underpants. They were a goofy series of books made for children. The humor was immature, but it also had wit and creativity on its own. But I stopped reading Captain Underpants after the 8th epic novel because by the time they made new ones after that, I became too old to read Captain Underpants. I stopped reading Captain Underpants after grade school. I got really excited when I heard they were finally going to make a Captain Underpants movie. So as soon as it came out, I went to go see it. The movie replicated the style of the books really well and the style of the humor. The movie was based mainly on the first and fourth books of the series, along with elements from the second book.