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How should we handle a brother/sister in Christ that likes something we hate?

There's a very common problem that I've noticed in the church. I've noticed that people in the body of Christ like to argue among themselves over things like Pokemon, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft, Harry Potter, and so on and so forth. Entertainment is a very controversial topic. More specifically, entertainment that contains any sort of magic. Now, I grew up with Pokemon ever since I was a very little kid. We rented VHS tapes of the original Pokemon game and I played the video games up until after diamond and pearl. But I still love Pokemon to this day and it's very nostalgic to me. And I'm not the only Christian that likes Pokemon. Lots of other Christians love it too and it's nostalgic to them. But there is also another group of Christians on the opposite side that say Pokemon is satanic. Their claims is that Pokemon promotes witchcraft and evolution. And that Pokemon are evil because they are monsters called pocket monsters.

A dragon's first blog

Hey guys! This is Ethan Horn. Ethan the Agapesaur. Owner of the one man ministry, Godly Dragon Reviews and Apologetics. I've had my ministry on YouTube for a year now and I realized something. Many ministries have both written blogs and a YouTube channel. But I have been videos-only until now. I've decided to create this blog so I can have blog posts that people can read and so I can have my thoughts written down on paper instead of just having my thoughts spoken out loud in videos. I will be blogging text versions of apologetics topics and movie reviews for people to read. so that they can study and re-read it without having only my voice to listen to. And it makes an easier way for people to have a discussion about the topics that I talk about. I feel discouraged that I didn't do this earlier. I wish I did this back when I started my YouTube channel. But better late than never. Besides, there are apologetics topics I've done before that I want to talk about again. A