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The Godly Dragon's Top 15 Godzilla Movies

Godzilla. The King of the Monsters. One of the most famous monsters in cinema history. Even if you've never seen a Godzilla film before, you know the name. That's how famous he is. The franchise has gone all over the place in its 65 year run and counting. The original film was meant to be warning against nuclear warfare, and as time went on Godzilla would go from being villainous to being a hero-like monster that takes on other monsters. These films are a genre of their own and have their very own style. These films are commonly criticized for its rubber suits, corny storylines, and bad English dubbing, but those things are actually what make Godzilla so fun to watch. I enjoy them for the monster fights, but also because they are tales of how humanity reacts to disaster. There are 35 Godzilla films out right now, with a 36th film, Godzilla vs Kong, coming out this fall. I like all of these movies, so picking just 15 out of 35 movies is a difficult task. So these are my top 15

Scoob! Review

Hi everyone. This review was requested by friend and supporter Alan Sebastian. He wanted me to review the movie Scoob, and even donated money to me so I could rent it and give it a watch. So, I gotta be honest, I am only a casual fan of Scooby Doo. I've only seen a few episodes of the TV shows and like one or two of the movies. From what I can tell, it's pretty formulaic. In each episode, mystery inc sets out to solve a mystery about a supernatural creature, some chase scenes ensue, and then they find out that the "monster" was really a person in disguise. All there is to it. So, when I heard about the newest iteration of Scooby doo, simple titled  Scoob, I was just like eh, that's cool. This is gonna exist. I wasn't too stoked to see it, but when I was requested to watch this movie, I of course gave it a watch. and now that I have seen it, what did I think? Well, I'll be honest, I was kind of pleasantly surprised. Despite not being a big fan of Scooby D

The Godly Dragon Ranks The Jurassic Park Franchise

Jurassic Park is a classic movie from Steven Spielberg. It was a revolutionary film for its time as it was the first movie to use CGI plus animatronics to create what looked like living dinosaurs on the big screen. After the first movie came two sequels, then a reboot series called Jurassic World. I love this franchise, and in fact it's one of my favorites. So what better way to give tribute to a franchise I love than to rank all five Jurassic Park movies that are currently out? With that said, let's begin. #5: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom This movie was really disappointing. It had a few entertaining scenes and some really cool dinosaurs, but I just didn't get anything out of this movie at all. It had a plot that was very predictable with easy to predict plot twists. In fact the one plot twist in the movie that just didn't add anything to the movie was when the little girl in the movie turned out to be a clone. It's like, who cares? What does this add to the