Reviewing Jurassic World (Again!)

So back in January 2016 when I first started my YouTube channel, one of the first movies I ever reviewed was a movie called Jurassic World. I saw it the weekend it came out in the movie theaters and I just loved it so much. I went to go see it a few more times after that. I thought it was really cool and it made me love dinosaurs more than I ever did before.

But let's analyze this movie and talk about it in more detail. In a nutshell, this movie was good from a visual and storytelling standpoint. I really loved the way the dinosaurs looked. It was always cool to see them on screen. Especially when action took place. But the action and dinosaurs weren't the only thing I enjoyed. I really enjoyed the characters too. The characters that stuck out to me the most was Chris Pratt's character, owen grady, and also Aunt Claire and the two kids, Zach and Gray. I really felt attached and connected to these characters. Like I could relate to them. The good messages in this movie was about how family sticks together and spends time with each other instead of just neglecting each other all the time. It also had a message about how it's bad to play God by messing with nature. You can see all the dire consequences of bringing back dinosaurs and trying to create a unique dinosaur to attract attention. Doing that caused a pandemonium of epic proportions. Dinosaurs are wild and free. They can't be contained. They're just animals following only their instincts. And think about this. The park was going to need a new attraction every few years or so. So how were they going to top their previous creation and contain it? They couldn't contain the first one they made. So you really get to see all the consequences of the decisions the park staff made. Something you can learn a lot from.

However, from a philosophical, theological, and Christian standpoint, this movie was not a good movie. The Jurassic Park films are known for being centered around the teaching of Evolution. The Bible says that God created the heavens and the earth and everything in it in six days. and the context of Genesis is six 24 hour days. There are professing Christians out there that claim there was a gap of time between the first two verses of Genesis where there was a world billions of years ago with cavemen and dinosaurs, which God then destroyed, and from there he created a new universe after that in six 24 hour days. The problem with this theory is that it's all based on assumption. There's no scriptural basis for the gap theory at all. Another theory is the day-age theory of creation, where each day of creation is an eon of millions of years. The problem with this theory is that everything that was created in each of those days would die out after millions of years until the next day of creation.

That's the problem with Old Earth Creationism and Theistic Evolution. They both require that animals die and suffer for millions of years to begin with, instead of death being brought into the world by Adam's sin. Spiritual death in hell is a curse that has been lifted by Jesus when we accept Him as our Savior. When he returns to create the new heavens and the new earth, death and suffering will be abolished completely. Therefore, if there is already millions of years of death and suffering present to begin with, Jesus' mission to save us from sin and death is all for naught, because it means that death and suffering are just natural and not an enemy to be conquered. The earth is not billions of years old at all. Not even close. It's only just a little over 6000 years old, according to James Ussher's calculations of biblical history.

You know what's also ironic though? Evolutionists didn't like the movie either. They claim that the movie is not "scientifically accurate" so they say, all because the velociraptors don't have feathers. So what? It's just a fictional monster movie. Why do you have to get on your high horses and be more angry about the film than we are? I just think it's very silly. It's funny to see them freak out over the film though, honestly.

So how would I score this movie? From a quality standpoint, it's a 3 out of 5. It's just an entertaining monster flick. From a family friendly standpoint, I don't think this movie is good for kids. It's more suitable for teenagers and up that are strong in their faith and know how to tell fiction from truth. Weak believers might stumble if they watch this movie and aren't firm in creation. So I wouldn't say it's a faith supportive film either.

Don't get me wrong, I love Jurassic World. It's one of my favorite movies of all time. It's my guilty pleasure film. But it does have its flaws and problems, since it is a worldly movie. So don't expect it to have biblical support. Keep in mind that when you go see entertaining monster movies like Jurassic World, make sure you know that what they teach in these films is not true, and that's God's Word must be the ultimate source of truth and not a fictional movie. I'm Ethan the Agapesaurus, and thanks for reading this review. Have a blessed day!


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