Review of Angels with Scaly Wings

And now for something completely different. Today's review is going to be a review of a video game for once. But Ethan, don't you usually review movies? Well yes, but I'm not strictly Godly Dragon Movie Reviews. I decided I wanted to expand a bit by reviewing a different form of media. The game I'm going to review today is a game that came out very recently, but has turned out to be one of the best games I've ever played. What game am I going to review today? None other than a game on Steam called Angels with Scaly Wings.

This is a game created by M.B Saunders. It's a game made by furries and it really shows. So what's this game about? And how do you play it? In this game, you play as an undefined human ambassador who goes to an alternate universe of dragons with their own society. How the gameplay works is that it plays like a dating simulator and a visual novel. The goal of the game is to date dragons and impress at least one of them by the end of the story. And there are five main characters to date. 3 males, Remy, Lorem, and Bryce, and 2 females, Anna and Adine. Like a choose your own adventure novel, this is a game with multiple endings. Each character has a good or bad ending. Each of their good endings has a certain prerequisite to fulfill. If you don't fulfill that prerequisite, you end up with a bad ending for that character after impressing them. The challenge of the game is to not only get them to like you, but also manage your time wisely and look for clues and important items that you need to get your good endings. Once you've achieved a good ending for each main character, you can play the game once more to get the true ultimate ending of the game. There is also a neutral ending if you fail to impress any dragons, and an evil ending where you deliberately put each dragon in bad standing with you.

Although the game is a dating simulator, it has a deep, intriguing, and heart-wrenching story to go along with it. The game does have some very violent bits and some language, but it all happens in the heat of a very intense moment. And since this is a game where you date dragons, you might have some concerns with that. Well, all of the dating is in a friendship context. The dates can get a little weird, but it never gets explicitly sexual and vulgar. I would say the dating in the game is at a PG level. I think that a Christian could enjoy this game without too many moral issues.

Going over anything else about this game would be going into spoiler territory. This is a game I want you to experience for yourself. This is a game made by furries, but it is a fun and intriguing visual novel and dating simulator that anyone can enjoy with an open mind. I recommend this to furries, to dragon lovers, or to anyone looking for a great visual novel with a great story. In terms of quality, this game is a 5 out of 5. I loved the story and characters and everything about it. And even if some things might be iffy, I think Christians can enjoy this great game too. Anyway, that's my opinion on this game, and I do recommend playing it. This was Godly Dragon Reviews and Apologetics, and you have a blessed day!


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