The True Mission Of "The Godly Dragon"

Hello to all my subscribers, and to all those who may have just come across "The Godly Dragon" for the first time. My real name is Ethan Horn, but how I choose to represent this ministry is with a golden dragon named Percival.

Here's some history on how The Godly Dragon came to be. I started the ministry in January 2016, back when I was almost 22. I wanted to use my dragon sona to preach the Gospel to lost souls, first and foremost with the furry fandom in mind, and to review media from a Christian perspective. I wanted to use my talents, interests, and favorite things to change the world. When I first made the ministry, I didn't think that it would get anywhere. I just did it as a hobby because I wanted to. In fact, it started out rough and I hit many snags and made some bad decisions before I made it into the ministry it is today.

Early videos I made in the beginning of this ministry consisted of reviews of movies, starting out with War Room and Jurassic World. But also among those early videos were hard preaching videos labeled as commentary videos. The approach I took was one of fire and brimstone. I thought that if all I did was preach the difficult truth of what the Bible says, people would listen and take me seriously. However, by taking that approach, the opposite was true. While my old videos are the most popular, with my video on the furry fandom being the most popular, and my video on magic the gathering the second most popular, I wasn't taken seriously and most comments were negative, and I suffered a lot of backlash for the truth I was speaking. Some people may have enjoyed these videos thinking that I wasn't being serious and that it was a satire of sorts. However, I actually was serious, as I was a different person back then.

My ministry suffered unneeded changes when I experienced the shameful disapproval from my bible study leader in my own church when I was passing flyers for the ministry around. He didn't like how I was using a dragon as a mascot and found it satanic, and thought that I needed to seek counseling for it. It was that shame that made me wonder if I should change my ministry to please audiences instead of doing what I wanted to begin with. So that's when I changed my mascot to a fluffy dinosaur, which I called an "agapesaur". I thought that if I did that, I would reach a wider audience. And many of my viewers at the time really liked it and thought it was adorable, which gave it a fanbase. But it just wasn't really me and it wasn't what I truly wanted to achieve. Then I sort of went back to Percival, but gave him fluffy wings to keep a remnant of the fluffy mascot since it had a fanbase. Then I decided to use both mascots as a "best of both worlds" kind of thing. Then for whatever reason, I got bored of using them, and then made an angel dragon mascot which I thought resembled me. But then when I did that, the original vision had once again been lost completely, as the ministry was starting to become just a typical Christian commentary ministry like all the rest. After realizing this, I decided to turn the clock back and turn my ministry into what I wanted it to be to begin with.

These days, I still don't compromise the Gospel, and the Gospel truth of the Bible can be offensive. But the approach I take is that of love and grace. Don't expect any sugarcoating on this channel. Everything I say here will be complete honesty. But I will take an approach of love and grace at the same time, which is how Jesus wants us to treat others.

The intention of The Godly Dragon is to preach and teach the Gospel with love and grace. But now and then you can also expect to see reviews of things like movies and video games from a Christian standpoint along with other non-Christian topics from the same standpoint.

As of right now, there are 3 places Godly Dragon videos can be watched. The Godly Dragon can be watched on YouTube, and it is the most popular Christian furry channel on YouTube. Same with the Godly Dragon BitChute channel, which was created in the beginning of 2018 in response to YouTube censorship. This year I have also started a channel on TruthTube, a brand new alternative to YouTube that's easy to upload videos to. Other places to follow me where I share my videos are Gab, Minds, and USA.Life. I also have a blogger website where scripts for Godly Dragon videos are shared.

Lastly, I want you all to know that although I could be considered something like a celebrity with the following I have, I don't want to be treated like one at all. I still consider myself just a normal guy that's part of the Body of Christ. Because this ministry isn't about me. This ministry is for you guys and it's for Christ. It is simply a tool to do the Lord's work with. So, I hope you will subscribe to this ministry. Or if you are already subscribed, that you will continue to watch for brand new videos. God bless, everyone!


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