Godly Dragon Reviews: Zootopia Revisited

Hi everyone. Welcome back to Godly Dragon Reviews. So, just a little over four years ago, during the first season of the show, I reviewed a movie called Zootopia. When I first saw this movie I loved it so much and gave it a five star review. It made me laugh a lot and I liked the story, and I was very impressed. Or so I thought. After 2016, looking back on it, I felt like it wasn't as good as I remember it being.

So, this movie has a message against racism, which on the surface is a good thing. The animals in Zootopia are classed between predator and prey, with predators stereotyped as inherently violent and prey like bunnies as just dumb bunnies that can't do anything. So she wants to prove she can make the world a better place by trying to get hired as a cop. She does, but only as someone who hands out parking violation tickets, and she wants to prove that she can do more. Then she comes across a fox named Nick and his partner in an ice cream stop run by elephants, and Nick makes this whole spiel about his partner who is dressed up as an elephant can be an elephant if he wants to, in order to get a giant popsicle. This could easily be interpreted to mean that we should accept transgender people for who they want to be, despite what the Bible has to say about transgenderism, even if it was just a ruse to get a big popsicle. Later on in the film they go to find some missing predators, who seem to have returned to their "savage" ways. So then Judy gives a speech on predators and how they are all savage, only to upset nick who is a predator that isn't savage. This can easily be paralleled to the narrative where Trump apparently said Mexican immigrants are rapists and bringing in drugs, according to the media.

Then Judy finds out that a certain flower is what is really making the predators go "savage", so she apologizes to nick and they become friends again. Then they find out it was really this female sheep character who was making the predators savage with her new drug. And that's another thing. I am tired of this trope of "oh, I bet you didn't know that SHE was the villain!". When you do this trope too many times, it becomes predictable. Pixar also did this too in their film Coco. It's just getting predictable now, and I'm tired of it. I also noticed that in this world, there's no reptiles or birds or any other species not in the film I may be neglecting to mention. Why is that? I know dragons are considered just fantasy, but you couldn't have any reptiles that we know exist? I just really would have appreciated a lot more variety.

That being said, I know that it did try to have a good message against racism and prejudice, which we need in our society. It just felt too preachy and heavy handed in the end. There's better ways to tell a story with an anti-racism message. That being said, the animation is well done and I was impressed with how they animated that whole world of animals living together. That must have really taken a lot of effort. But that's all the positives I can really think of, but correct me if I'm wrong. So, it's still a good movie, still entertaining to watch, but it's not as good as I remember. I'd lower my score to say a 4 out of 5 stars. I don't want to discourage anyone from continuing to enjoy this movie. Just remember that next time you watch a movie like Zootopia, there just might be some liberalism, which is the case with every movies that comes from Hollywood right now. God bless!


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