The Godly Dragon Show: CFA's Dan Cathy tells White Christians to repent of racism

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So, according to this article from the Christian post, Chick-Fil-A's Dan Cathy asks white Christians to repent, fight for black Americans in wake of police killings. I will read the news article, and then give my own thoughts on this issue.

Dan Cathy, conservative billionaire CEO of fast food chain Chick-fil-A, urged white Christians to take advantage of the “special moment” in American history now, to repent of racism and fight for their black “brothers and sisters” in the wake of ongoing protests over the police killings of Rayshard Brooks and other black Americans like George Floyd.

Brooks was shot dead by an Atlanta police officer at a Wendy’s parking lot on Friday night just three weeks after the death of Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis police officers on Memorial Day. Floyd’s death set off global protests against racial injustice and police brutality. Brooks’ death also sparked fresh protests in Atlanta throughout the weekend including one on Saturday night in which protesters burned down the Wendy’s restaurant where he was killed.
“I think we have to recognize we are in a very special moment right now that the answer is not just for this to go off the radar screen, go back to talking about COVID-19, to talk about world peace, the environment, … politics is going to be coming up here this fall. I believe if we miss this moment we would have failed in our generation,” Cathy said during a robust conversation about race in America just two days later on Sunday at Passion City Church in Atlanta.
In that conversation were Pastor Louie Giglio and rapper Lecrae Moore, popularly known as Lecrae, whom Cathy asked to share his personal experience with racial injustice.
“I don’t need the media to tell me that this is a problem because it’s a reality that I live,” Lecrae began.
“The first time a gun was pulled on me by a police officer I was 13 years old. And I was unarmed. I was pushed on the ground. I had a knee in my back but this was just my reality. At 14 years old, because I was caught skipping school I was put on a gang list. I didn’t know what was going on. My mother had to go to the police station to explain to them, ‘just because he’s skipping school does not mean he’s out participating in gang activity,’” Lecrae said.
Louie Giglio, Dan Cathy and Lecrae address racism at Passion City Church in Atlanta, June 14, 2020. | YouTube/Passion City Church
The rapper also recounted how “not too long ago” while driving to perform as a Christian artist at a concert, he was stopped by police who ripped his rental car apart.
“I was pulled over because I was in a rental car, I could assume there were all kinds of different reasons why but my car was strip searched and they tore all the seats out of my car and I told them I’m not doing anything wrong and they still didn’t believe me,” Lecrae said.
“The car was strip searched and they said ‘no dog’s alerted, there’s drugs here’ and they found nothing and then they left me to put all the seats back in the car and move on about my business,” he recalled.
Now, let's talk about this. First of all, I agree that police brutality is a big problem in America, and that we should reform our police system so that violence against anyone based on race won't happen. George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks were probably good people. I've even heard that George Floyd was a Christian before he was killed. What I don't agree with is abolishing police. We need to have law enforcement in our society or else it's chaos. That's far from the point of this article though. The point here is, Dan Cathy is promoting the idea that white people need to repent of things they didn't do. Repentance implies that you did something bad. This means he's going along with the leftist narrative that white people should apologize for the history of abuse they committed against black people even though they weren't alive to do any of that, and they probably would even think about doing that even today anyway if they are good non-racist white people. History is just to be remembered so that we don't repeat it. We can't move forward if we dwell in the past. I have a very diverse family, and diverse people that I call my friends. I'm not racist. I don't want to mistreat black people nor do I want to keep them as slaves. So, what do I have to apologize for? The only people who should be apologizing are those who are truly racist against black people, such as white supremacists. This is worse than when Chick-Fil-A decided to stop donating to Christian organizations like salvation army and instead donate to more secular organizations. 
Since I think that this is a dangerous leftist narrative, I won't be giving my money to Chick-Fil-A anymore. I'd rather get chicken at another fast food place, such as Popeye's, Raising Cane's, KFC, Carl's Jr, Jack in the Box, or even McDonald's. Seeing a restaurant run by a CEO that claims to be a conservative Chrisitan bow to leftist narratives is very sad to me. I hope you'll take this to heart, and consider sending your money elsewhere. I hope you enjoyed this episode of the godly dragon show. God bless! 


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