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Why GDRA has been on hiatus; what should GDRA do now?

Hey everybody. I know that there has been a lack of blogs this summer. It's because the summertime has been a hectic time of year for me. I had to go tour a battleship with my family for Father's Day and then soon after that I had to spend time with my grandma for her birthday and she wanted to go to an art museum. After all that, I had a difficult month. I was at an arcade up in Moreno Valley where they held on to my driver's license while I played games. My driver's license served as my ID. Then by accident I left up all the way up there and I was so upset and anxious. so I contacted them and they mailed it back to me. But I was freaking out so much that I was frantically trying to find a way to find my driver's license number so I could schedule an appointment with the DMV to replace my driver's license because I thought it would be lost forever. And in doing so I signed up for a site which I believe caused someone all the way in China to get my debit card