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Godly Dragon's Video Hoard: Quest for Camelot

Hi everyone. Welcome to my new review series, where I talk about old movies that some people may have not have heard about or just haven't seen in a while. I'll mostly be talking about films I grew up with. But I may also talk about older movies I saw recently if I think they deserve more attention. I grew up with a lot of animated movies. Mostly Disney movies. We had a bunch of those on VHS. But for every good animated movie we had that I really liked, there was also a more obscure animated movie we owned that I wasn't too fond of. One of those movies was called "Quest for Camelot". It was an animated film from Warner Bros that was pretty much a rip off of old school Disney. This was back when some animation companies thought the only way to compete with Disney was to BE Disney. My sisters liked it and my mom liked it and they watched it all the time, with me ending up watching it too. I groaned every time I had to watch it with them. I was the odd one out, but