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Covenant Theology: The Alternative to Dispensationalism

So once again, I'm going to be honest with my audience about another very controversial theological topic, which I have an unpopular opinion on. There are multiple different interpretative frameworks on how God works with His people. The most popular one is Dispensationalism, where the way God works with His people is split into Dispensations. However, this is not the view I hold. What I'm going to talk about today is a different framework that I hold, which is known as Covenant Theology. Unlike Dispensationalism where God's plan of redemption is unfolded in seven dispensations, Covenant Theology interprets God's plan through the grid of a Covenant. The first covenant we see in scripture is the Covenant of Redemption. This Covenant is the agreement within the Godhead that the Father would appoint his Son, Jesus Christ, would give up his life for mankind and rise again so we could be redeemed. The second covenant we see is the Covenant of Law. This covenant began in