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The Gospel Stands on Creation

A lot of people in the world identify themselves as Christians. But in today's society, it usually means they are just cultural Christians. Either that or it means that they do claim to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ, but still believe in theories of men. Where they will believe in evolution, but then believe the rest of the Bible without question. Or they will claim to deny evolution, but still hold to the billions of years set forth by modern scientists. They think Creation vs Evolution doesn't matter so long as we believe in the same Lord. However, in this sermon, I'm going to tell you why it's not that simple. And why Creation does matter to the message of the gospel. In Genesis chapter 1, the very beginning of the Bible, we see all of Creation laid out for us. On day 1, light was created and divided from darkness. On day 2, the atmosphere was created and divided from the oceans. On day 3, Land and vegetation were created. On day 4, the sun, moon, and stars