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Stop Putting Faith In Politicians!

 Hey everyone. So, this is the third time I'm talking about elections on my channel, aren't I? So, here's what's going on now. What we're seeing is a country that's once again in chaos. Joe Biden is projected to be the next President and the liberals are rejoicing, but meanwhile, the conservatives firmly believe that Biden cheated and that Trump will be declared President after it's all said and done. So you might be wondering, what do I think of all of it?  Well, I'm going to rustle a ton of jimmies, but I think everyone here, liberal and conservative, has faith in the wrong thing. What we're seeing here is faith in politicians. Not faith in God. When Trump became President all his supporters believed that Trump was going to fix everything wrong with this country. Do I think Trump did the best job he could? Yes, I do. He was trying to make America a better and safe place for everyone. But he couldn't fix everything. The liberals also falsely bel