Stop Putting Faith In Politicians!

 Hey everyone. So, this is the third time I'm talking about elections on my channel, aren't I? So, here's what's going on now. What we're seeing is a country that's once again in chaos. Joe Biden is projected to be the next President and the liberals are rejoicing, but meanwhile, the conservatives firmly believe that Biden cheated and that Trump will be declared President after it's all said and done. So you might be wondering, what do I think of all of it? 

Well, I'm going to rustle a ton of jimmies, but I think everyone here, liberal and conservative, has faith in the wrong thing. What we're seeing here is faith in politicians. Not faith in God. When Trump became President all his supporters believed that Trump was going to fix everything wrong with this country. Do I think Trump did the best job he could? Yes, I do. He was trying to make America a better and safe place for everyone. But he couldn't fix everything. The liberals also falsely believe that Biden is going to fix everything and make our country better. Again, a misplaced faith. 

Truthfully, I really hate politics, and here's why: In chapter 6 of proverbs, there is a list of things the Lord hates, and one of those is sowing discord among brothers. And from what I've seen, politics has done plenty of that. The only person that can save America and the rest of the world for that matter is Jesus Christ, and when people reject Christ and put faith in other things, this is how we get into the mess we're in. Jesus didn't get involved with politics. When he was on earth, he loved people, and the only protesting he did was against anything that kept people away from God. It is not solely Democrats that are to blame or solely Republicans to blame. This fallen world is everyone's fault. That includes me too, because I know I'm not perfect. 

Then there's the blasphemy. Oh the blasphemy. I've seen people shoehorn people like Biden and Trump into bible verses where it doesn't belong. Passionately rooting for a candidate is one thing, but it's another thing to shoehorn things into the Bible inappropriately. I've also heard people say that God is going to change the vote just like that. That's not how it works. Just because he can do it because God can do anything doesn't mean it's how He works. 

Let's assume that Biden is going to become President. He's probably not going to be a good President, but have you ever thought that God allows certain people into office for a reason? Every person that has been in office is no accident. What if this happens so that the church can be shaken up to see who truly relies on God and who's relying on politicians? Grow a pair and go back to relying on God and fight for the Gospel. Not for political causes. Real change, real regeneration starts with Christ. If there was tampering going on, then pray that God will deliver vengeance. Vengeance is only His. If by some freak miracle that Trump does turn out to be President again after all this, I still say the same thing. Fight for Christ. Not for political agendas. Preach the word. Be kind to people while doing so. Kindness is the ultimate weapon.

Nothing else matters but the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That's all I'm here to do. I don't get into politics. I preach the Word and I talk about my favorite things from that worldview. If you hate the fact that I'm not the kind of guy that's going to promote your political ideologies, unsubscribe. That's right, unsubscribe. There are plenty of other channels for that kind of thing if that's what you want. That's not me. I'm going to love God, love my neighbor, love my enemy, and love my brethren no matter what happens when these elections are all said and done. Well now that that's out of my system, I hope you'll ponder what I've said tonight. God bless.    


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