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Godly Dragon Ramblings: The issue of Tithing and Church Structure

Tithing is something in my Christian walk that I struggle with. Financial difficulties and a thin budget are what make it difficult for me to give my tithes to the church. But I also had some bad experiences with churches that were legalistic over tithes and offerings. I would give my offering, only to wonder what the church was doing with it. Now I understand that there is a commandment from God to tithe. And we should obey God when He tells us to do something. I used to go to Mission Viejo Christian Church. Back in January of this year I didn't put an offering in the offering basket because I had no cash on me. Then I got scolded by an older lady for not putting anything in the offering basket and got told that I am supposed to tithe. That sounded very harsh and legalistic to me, and it sounded like she was making me out to be a bad Christian just because I didn't give an offering. And that shattered my desire to want to give anything to the church, including tithes, becaus