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The Godly Dragon Ranks The Dragonheart Franchise

Dragonheart is an old classic medieval fantasy from Universal. This film had everything. A good story and characters, good lessons, and a dragon as the cherry on top. But what if I were to tell you that there were more dragonheart movies made after the first movie? That's right, after the first movie, four more were made, turning this one movie into its own franchise. With that out of the way, how would I rank all five of this movies? Well, let's find out and get to each one of them, one by one. I do like all these movies, but there are some I like more than others. With that said, let's begin.  #5: Dragonheart 2: A New Beginning This movie is...not that good. This movie serves as a direct sequel to the first movie where it turns out Draco from the first movie had a kid, so this movie is basically about his son. The animation and effects are really dumbed down compared to the original film and it was also a lot more lighthearted and kid-friendly. The story also just was

Godly Dragon Reviews: Dolittle

Doctor Dolittle is an interesting character. It started out as a series of novels about a doctor that could talk to animals. Then in 1967, it was adapted into a two and a half hour musical film starring Rex Harrison. It was an okay film. It just existed, was a nice and charming film. Then in 1998, there was a comedy movie of the character starring Eddie Murphy as Dr. Dolittle, which also got a sequel. That one is not so great and I wasn't a fan. Then last January, we got another movie based on the Dr. Dolittle character, simply called Dolittle. When this movie came out, I almost went to see it until I heard that it got really bad reviews from critics, and that some reviewers on YouTube were saying that it was Cats-level bad. So for a couple of months I was deterred from seeing it, until I realized that many other films that I really enjoy got bad reviews too and that some of the audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and Imdb were actually pretty positive, saying it was a good kids mo

Godly Dragon Reviews: Zootopia Revisited

Hi everyone. Welcome back to Godly Dragon Reviews. So, just a little over four years ago, during the first season of the show, I reviewed a movie called Zootopia. When I first saw this movie I loved it so much and gave it a five star review. It made me laugh a lot and I liked the story, and I was very impressed. Or so I thought. After 2016, looking back on it, I felt like it wasn't as good as I remember it being. So, this movie has a message against racism, which on the surface is a good thing. The animals in Zootopia are classed between predator and prey, with predators stereotyped as inherently violent and prey like bunnies as just dumb bunnies that can't do anything. So she wants to prove she can make the world a better place by trying to get hired as a cop. She does, but only as someone who hands out parking violation tickets, and she wants to prove that she can do more. Then she comes across a fox named Nick and his partner in an ice cream stop run by elephants, and Nick

The Godly Dragon Ranks the Star Wars Episodic Films

Star Wars is a very big billion dollar franchise. One of the biggest still out there besides Star Trek. There are many different reasons people enjoy Star Wars. Some people like the lightsaber battles, the x-wing battles in space, the characters, story, and lore, or all of the above. I was a big Star Wars fan growing up. We would watch the original Star Wars trilogy every new years eve, and when I was five, Episode I came out in theaters, and I saw Episode II in theaters with my family when that came out. Then Disney would buy out Lucasfilms and make their own sequel trilogy, which got a mixed to negative reception from fans. There's been ranking videos for this franchise from several different creators, but I'm going to do my own ranking. This will be a controversial ranking since I rank these movies differently than most people would. Also, I will only be ranking the episodic films, so no spin offs here. with that said, let's begin 9. Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Godly Dragon Easter Message 2020: Jesus Conquered Death

Hi everyone. It's Percival the Godly Dragon here, bringing you a special Easter message this morning. Well, times are really tough right now, with the fact that events are getting cancelled, bars and restaurants are closed, and events getting cancelled left and right. But worst of all, 90% of churches have chosen to obey the government by closing their doors, preventing a proper celebrating of Easter. That being said, there is one thing that can't be taken away, and that is what Easter is all about. So, what's Easter all about? Well, I'll tell you what Easter is all about. It's not about the Easter bunny or about Easter eggs. It's about the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior. This was when Jesus conquered death after dying on the cross for our sins, by rising again, tearing the temple curtain in two, and now he has ascended to the Father and sits at His right hand. This is so important, especially in today's situation, because in a time of fear where ever