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Otherkin Part 2: Fantasy Gone Too Far

Remember that one time two years ago when I talked about what otherkin was, and then I confessed I believed myself to be otherkin, and then I tried to come up with some weird but biblical theory for how it'd fit into a biblical worldview. Well, I take it back, because I was being nuts. If you are just coming across this video and haven't watched the original video before this, watch that one first. Link will be in the description. You see, as time went on, I really started to question my belief in otherkin. That is, I believed myself to be a dragon in spirit. However, I found that when I was believing this, I was being tempted towards unbiblical beliefs such as reincarnation and believing in spirits. The motivators behind the belief were that I felt like I didn't fit in. and I didn't want to identify as a human because it's humans that hurt me. I felt like an outcast. Those have been the sole motivations. I tried seeing if I could fit the otherkin belief into the

Godly Dragon Reviews: White Snake

Last Winter during the Christmas season, I went out of my way to a farther away theater to go see a movie. Not just any movie, but a foreign movie from China called White Snake. When I first saw this movie, I was impressed. Or so I thought. I watched it a couple more times when it was released digitally and it wasn't as good as I remember. I found that it was all spectacle and not much substance. When I looked into it even more, I was right. Not only that, there are a ton of unbiblical ideas, bad morality, and poor execution that went into this movie. Let me explain. Now the good stuff as already mentioned is the visuals. This movie looks pretty good and I like all the action scenes. It's almost as good as a Disney movie I'd say in terms of visuals. Also, it tried to have a message of sacrificial love, the most godly love of all. But here's the problem. The morality of the story is just so muddy. The problem with this movie is the pagan worldview of reincarnation an

Review of Sonic the Hedgehog

Everyone who knows me really well knows that I am a very big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic and I go way back in time. The very first Sonic game on the Sega Genesis was the very first video game I ever played. I also had Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic Spinball. I also watched the adventures of sonic the hedgehog cartoon and the sonic the hedgehog Saturday morning cartoon on VHS tapes. Then I got a Gamecube for Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, and Sonic Heroes. Then I played just some of the newer games. When I heard that was going to be a Sonic the Hedgehog movie coming out, I didn't know what to think. When I saw the original design they had for Sonic, I thought it was going to turn out horribly. But as it turns out however, the studio listened to the fans and gave him a redesign, which turned out much better than the other Sonic we got. At that point I was debating whether or not I still wanted to see this movie. In the end, I decided I wanted to go see it anyway,

The Godly Dragon Show: California Bans Singing in Places of Worship

Hi everybody. Happy 4th of July. I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news on a special occasion like this, but I feel this is so urgent that I really need to make a video about this today. I found out from a Christian news source that the state of California is banning singing in places of worship, and the source took me to this KTLA article, which I will read right now. While you can still attend in-person church services in California, you can’t sing. The state,  to curb a rapidly worsening pandemic , has temporarily banned singing and chanting in places of worship. “Practices and performances present an increased likelihood for transmission of COVID-19 through contaminated exhaled droplets and should occur through alternative methods like internet streaming,” the state’s Department of Public Health announced in an order Wednesday. The health department had previously only asked places of worship to “ strongly consider ” halting singing, but an updated guidance  document  i