Otherkin Part 2: Fantasy Gone Too Far

Remember that one time two years ago when I talked about what otherkin was, and then I confessed I believed myself to be otherkin, and then I tried to come up with some weird but biblical theory for how it'd fit into a biblical worldview. Well, I take it back, because I was being nuts. If you are just coming across this video and haven't watched the original video before this, watch that one first. Link will be in the description.

You see, as time went on, I really started to question my belief in otherkin. That is, I believed myself to be a dragon in spirit. However, I found that when I was believing this, I was being tempted towards unbiblical beliefs such as reincarnation and believing in spirits. The motivators behind the belief were that I felt like I didn't fit in. and I didn't want to identify as a human because it's humans that hurt me. I felt like an outcast. Those have been the sole motivations. I tried seeing if I could fit the otherkin belief into the bible, but then I found that when I tried, I had to perform mental gymnastics to get it to work. There's no room to do that if you believe the Bible. It got to the point where Percival the dragon wasn't just an act. I thought he was my reality. I identified as Percival because I thought I really was him. Percival the dragon is everything that I wanted to be. He was the original chosen mascot for the ministry for a reason. He's a heroic dragon with a passion for the Word of God, and that was the way I wanted to present myself. To me, dragons represent setting fire to ungodly things and ideas. Now I feel like God is showing me the truth and that I need to step back. I legitimately want to get out of this mindset now.

This ministry will always be called The Godly Dragon, but now I feel like I need to take a step back and really think about what I believe and what's important. After I get out of the mindset of Otherkin, I'm not going to look at Percival the same way. I have to train my brain to realize that Percival is just a mascot character I created, and that when I present myself as him, it's just an act. Nothing more. I am considering bringing other characters back to the forefront once in a while, such as my replacement mascot, Abram the agapesaur, or maybe even my other white feathered dragon which Id decided to name Ethan, who is my real name. I intended this dragon to be the dragon personification of my human self. I don't want to think there's a true Godly Dragon, only one way where I am allowed to express myself. I feel like all of these mascots I created, they're all the godly dragon. One ministry, different outlets, and they are just characters. nothing more. So, I'll pray about it, and we'll see what happens from here. God bless.


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