Kong: Skull Island was SO COOL!

So today I decided to drive to the cheap theater in Irvine to see a movie that already came out more than a couple months ago. That movie was Kong: Skull Island. I didn't have much interest in the movie because I never was interested in King Kong. And the first time monster franchise I ever got interested in were the Godzilla films. So I skipped Kong when it came to mainstream theaters. But when I realized that this film is second in the MonsterVerse that started with Godzilla 2014, I decided to go see it.

And you know what, I was pleasantly surprised! I actually really enjoyed this movie. This movie is about a team of soldiers and scientists that go on an expedition to Skull Island, where King Kong rules and where lots of other monsters live. When the team gets split apart, they find an old World War II pilot that was stranded on the island for 30 years. and with his help, they try to find a way to reunite and then escape from the island.

That's basically what the movie is about. This movie was an entertaining monster flick and nothing more. And after the film was a teaser for the next Godzilla movie in the MonsterVerse. I'm very hyped for it after seeing that teaser.

The only bad things I could think of is that it's too much for kids. It wouldn't be suitable for all families. And as usual in these monster films, there are secular worldviews. But other than that, it was a pretty good movie.

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. It's just an entertaining monster flick and nothing more. It's not a family friendly flick though. And it doesn't seem to be for or against faith. It seems to be indeterminate. I'm Ethan the Agapesaurus, and this was Godly Dragon Reviews and Apologetics. Have a blessed day!


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