What does it mean to be Pro Life?

So I finally decided that I wanted to talk about something a little more controversial. What I want to discuss is the issue of abortion, as well as the pro life movement. so what does it mean to be pro life?

People like to criticize the pro life movement by accusing them of being only pro birth, where they just want babies to be born but then don't care about what happens after. Pro choice advocates claim that abortion should be legal because what if the woman was raped and got pregnant, which would make having a baby an insult to injury? Oh, but adoption isn't an option either, because apparently it's bad for kids to be placed in foster care. My response is that regardless of how you feel, it's wrong to murder a baby in the womb for the crime of its father. And if God wants babies to be born, then who are we to argue with God's will? Sure life's not fair, but perhaps the foster children could end up with good loving families that adopt them. There is still that possibility rather than just assuming the worst all the time.

The final argument pro choice advocates have is, what if the lives of both the mother and child are at risk? In that situation, doctors will try their best to save both. But if they can't save both, then they will have to save one life as it's better than losing two lives. In that case, it wouldn't even be an abortion because no one's actively trying to murder a baby. So if abortion were to be outlawed, that doesn't mean circumstances like this wouldn't be handled in a reasonable way. But this kind of circumstance is so rare, it shouldn't be a good reason for abortion to be legal in all circumstances. Lots of abortions are performed after careless teenagers and young adults end up getting pregnant by accident. And since they don't want to suffer the consequences of their actions, they take the easy way out by taking the life of the child in the womb, so that they can escape the consequences of their actions and live life again like normal.

Anyway, before I go off on a tangent, pro life doesn't just mean pro birth. It means you value life, including but not limited to unborn children. I don't see just a clump of tissue. When I see a fetus, I see a living, breathing, person. God formed that baby in the womb, and babies are no accident. Just because they're not out of the womb yet doesn't make me see them as less of a person in my eyes. I think the pro life movement needs to do more than just trying to get laws against abortion passed. The pro life movement should also try to convince accidentally pregnant mothers to give birth to their babies, and help take care of the babies after they're born by providing food and diapers and all that. And perhaps, even adopt a baby if possible. And the more people we can convince and get on our side, then maybe, just maybe, we will see a lot less abortions being performed. At the same time, if we value life, we must also take care of those who have already been born, by traveling to starving countries to feed the less fortunate and share the gospel message with them. Being pro life includes unborn babies, but is not limited to unborn babies.

So make sure that if you are pro life, that you are also consistent. Do something about abortions, do something about taking care of children, and do something about the less fortunate in other countries. Being pro life is about taking action. Will we see abortion become illegal once more? Who knows? It seems to be doubtful as long as sin continues to run rampant in our society. But it's no excuse not to try our best to make the world a less sinful place. Do you agree with me on this? What do you think should be done to prevent abortions? Leave your opinions in the comments. Have a blessed day!


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