Godly Dragon Reviews: Dragonheart

Hi everybody. I decided to return to my roots by going back to reviewing movies again. But rather than just review new movies as they come out, I will be going back to the past to review old favorites. I will also be trying out a new formula in reviewing these films. With that said, let's get on with it. So, there's quite a few movies about dragons out there. Movies about dragons are among my all time favorite movies. So, I have chosen an old medieval fantasy film beloved by dragon lovers like myself. The movie I will be reviewing today is Dragonheart.

This is a film that was released in 1996, and it won an award for Best Visual Effects at the time. This film is about a knight named Bowen who mentors a prince named Einon. When a young peasant girl causes Einon to be mortally wounded, his mother has him taken to a dragon in hopes that the dragon will save Einon's life. The dragon then saves his life by giving him half of his heart to replace the heart that was wounded, on the promise that he will be a just king. However, it turns out that Einon became a tyrannical king instead. Thinking that the dragon's heart corrupted Einon, Bowen vows revenge on all dragons and becomes a dragonslayer. When stalking a dragon to its cave, he fights it only to have a stalemate with it. This dragon turns out to be the same dragon that gave half of his heart to Einon. They agree to instead form a partnership with each other, and Bowen calls the dragon Draco, after the constellation of the same name. So now it is up to them to end the reign of the new tyrannical king.

That's basically what this movie is about. So, what's good about this movie? Well, they got some good actors in this like Dennis Quaid and the voice of Sean Connery as Draco the dragon. The visuals were also really good for their time, though some might think they are lame by today's standards. There's a lot of good messages sprinkled throughout this film too, such as learning about how responsible you are for your duties and your choices that you make, as well as self sacrifice to make things right again. The only bad things about this movie I can think of is that it might seem like just another generic and unimpressive fantasy movie at first glance. I mean it's not as well recognized and huge as say Lord of the Rings, but don't judge a book by its cover. I also think very little kids would get too scared if they watch it, as there is some violence and intense sequences in the film. But I think kids that are maybe at least 10 years old can enjoy this film with parents accompanying them.

So, would I recommend this film? Yes, I would. I would recommend this film to anybody. It has good messages in it and there's next to nothing that Christian families would find objectionable. It's fairly family friendly and it is a faith friendly film as well. This film gets the Godly Dragon Scale of Approval. God bless, everyone!


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