What Does it Mean to Support Israel?

 Hey there guys. I have been wanting to do an Israel video for a very long time. But a lack of confidence and not having a solid case for my position is what's been holding me back. But now I feel it is time to get it out in the open now that I feel like I do have a solid case. So, here's my sermon. 

I think there's confusion about what it actually means to support Israel and the Jewish people. Some Christians who don't support the modern state of Israel so to speak say that we should not support them because of how Modern Judaism is a false religion where its followers do horrible things to Gentiles in the name of Yahweh according to rabbinic writings like the Talmud. That's what really got me thinking about my position. Rumor also has it that the Talmud blasphemes Jesus of Nazarene, who is of course our Lord and Savior. Not all Jewish people believe the writings of the Talmud, but the ones that do are just like the Pharisees in Jesus' time that Jesus rebuked. There's also the alleged war crimes against Palestine and the celebration of homosexuality in Tel Aviv. Even without knowing that, it's common knowledge that Judaism rejects Jesus Christ as the Messiah and they believe the Messiah has yet to show up. 

But let me give you a news flash. The nation of Israel has always done bad things. Even in biblical times. Remember when after they were set free from Egypt they decided to be unfaithful to God and complain? They were trapped in the desert. Not only that, they were given a Law in the first place because they were lawless, and they demanded to have a king even though they didn't need one, but God let them have one so they could suffer the consequences of that. They also had their nation destroyed multiple times, but still remained God’s people. 

Now you might wonder, why on earth should we as Christians support a people that disobeys God and blasphemes him? Well, I think we need to define what support really means. Does it means support the current Israeli government and getting behind all of Israel's actions? God forbid! What it really means is to pray for them and speak blessings upon them. We should not hurt them or curse them. In fact, as Christians, we should not hurt anybody or curse them just because they have done bad things. We have to pray for them and love them anyway. Israel is God's Chosen People. They did nothing to earn that. They are special because God said so. From Abraham and his descendants would come a chosen nation that God gave covenants and promises to. God wanted Israel to be holy, to separate them from the unholy. God will not break his promises or forsake the remnant of Israel that obeys Him and believes in Him. God promised that Israel would be regathered and regenerated, but not necessarily both at the same time. Supposedly, the regathering happened in 1948 with the formation of the modern state of Israel. If you want to believe that God has forsaken Israel and won't give His promises to them, you'd better hope that God won't forsake the Church. 

Some of you Christians out there might be wondering however...what about us? I don't like thinking that Israel are the chosen ones and everyone else isn't. Well, think about this. After Christ's death and resurrection, the Church was formed, aka the Body of Christ, which consists of all those who believe that Christ died on the cross for our sins. The Church is also precious and special. Just as Israel was chosen to be a holy nation separate from the unholy, so too is The Church. The Church consists of believing Jews and Gentiles. The Church is set apart from the unbelieving world by the fact that the Church of Jesus Christ is holy. The Church is grafted into the olive tree as wild branches nourished by the root, that being the promises to Abraham. The natural branches, that being unbelieving Israel, were cut off. But when Israel believes again upon regeneration, they will be grafted in again. 

In conclusion, we support Israel through prayer and blessing and have grace upon them just as Christ had grace for us, and them being God's Chosen People doesn't negate the fact that we all are chosen and precious to Jesus Christ. God has a plan for Israel and The Church, both His Chosen. This is what I support: not Jews getting a free pass, but God fulfilling His promises in the end of days. I don't expect every person to agree with this, but this is my case, and I am sticking with it. I hope that all of this makes sense to you. God bless. 


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